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Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology

The department boasts specialist with excellent medical ethics and rich clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment. We have a set of mature treatment criteria for diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases, especially for intractable diarrhea, constipation, chronic abdominal pain, infantile hepatitis syndrome, and severe acute pancreatitis. 


The department leads the development of pediatric endoscopy in southern Zhejiang Province. Besides, it is equipped with electronic gastroscopy and colonoscopy for newborn infants and children under 16. Apart from launching routine endoscopy, the use of endoscopy for upper gastrointestinal tract foreign body removal surgery, polypectomy, esophageal stricture dilation has become our specialized treatment. The gastroscope we use has a high success rate, which allows children to avoid traditional operations. We have also carried out the capsule endoscopy, which greatly improves the success rate of small bowel diseases diagnosis. In 2012, our department began to carry out painless endoscopy, which ensures the safeness of the endoscopic examination. Cooperating with the adult Department of Gastroenterology, we set up the Center of Digestive Endoscopy Diagnosisand Treatment. This center is the endoscopic operator training base affiliated to the Ministry of Health, to provide training and learning opportunities for digestive specialists in southern Zhejiang Province.


Our department is one of the earliest to conduct pediatric gastrointestinal dynamic inspection and research. We have successfully launched a 24-hour esophageal PH monitoring system, the function determination of lower esophageal sphincter, esophageal manometry, anorectal manometry, gastric emptying function determination, gastrointestinal transit time determination, and electrogastrogram examination. The biofeedback therapy on patients with constipation and gastrointestinal pacing therapy on the patients with gastroparesis are the specialized treatments of our department.


Together with the Department of Pediatric Surgery, the Department of Nutrition and the Department of Nursing, our department set up a clinical nutrition therapy group. The group aims at nutritional risk screening, assessment and intervention. We are also responsible for the standard nutritional therapy for chronic diarrhea, acute pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, malnutrition, severe food allergies, short bowel syndrome, and digestive tract fistula. Besides, we also have a pediatric constipation clinic. With the pediatric standard nutrition therapy, the treatment can be less complicated and less costly.


The Pediatric Digestive Department was founded in 1985. We have a staff of 30 people, including 15 digestive specialists and 15 nurses. We have 3 chief physicians, 5 associate chief physicians, 3 attending physicians, 8 master graduates and 1 PhD candidate. There are 39 beds and the annual inpatient number exceeds 2000. Our department has completed more than 10 bureau-level scientific research projects, 2 of which won the third prize of Civic Scientific and Technological Progress Awards.


We have published over 80 papers inChina’s core medical journals. The department is a national pediatric digestive committee member unit. We sincerely welcome international pediatricians join us to conduct academic cooperation and exchanges.


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