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Clinical Molecular and Hematology Lab

1. Summary

The Lab of Clinical Molecular and Hematology is an integrated lab with the ability of clinical test, teaching and scientific research. The lab has 8 staff members, among whom 3 have senior titles and 4 have intermediate titles. We have deployed techniques including bone marrow cell morphology, cytochemistry, flowcytometry, cytogenetics and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), providing effective technological indicators for clinical diagnosis of diseases, observation of curative effect and prognosis.


2. Techniques and Features

Our lab owns a variety of advanced examination equipment, including Olympus BX41 microscopes, bone marrow cell morphologic videotext systems, multiple parametric flowcytometer, FISH and M-FISH analysis system, ultra-low temperature Freezer, etc. Based on the World Health Organization (WHO) classification of tumor lymphatic and hematopoietic tissue, the lab consists of bone marrow cell morphologic platform, flowcytometric platform, cytogenetic platform and molecular biology testing platform. It has integrated morphology, immunology, cytogenetics and molecular biology into an organic whole (the MICM mode), which is rarely adopted in Zhejiang Province, even in the whole country. Providing objective and precise diagnostic indicators for clinic and patients, the lab has achieved remarkable results in the annual external quality assessments held by the Ministry of Health and the Clinical Laboratory Center of Zhejiang Province. Meanwhile, the lab was listed as a model lab by Zhejiang Clinical Laboratories Center. Furthermore, the ample data provided by the pediatric and adult hematology departments of the hospital enables us to accumulate abundant clinical experiences.


3. Teaching and Research

The lab director is a member of the national expert group on blood cell morphology, committee member of the Laboratory Medical Association (Zhejiang Province branch), the vice chief committee member of the Hematology Association of Laboratory Diagnostic Group (Wenzhou branch), and the editorial committee member of Chinese Journal of Clinical Laboratory Science (electronic edition). The lab undertakes full-time bachelor teaching task on hematologic test in the Laboratory Medicine College of Wenzhou Medical University, as well as clinical teaching and graduation thesis direction for students of several colleges. The lab was awarded the first prize of educational reform achievements by Wenzhou Medical University, and the Second prize of educational reform achievements by Education Office of Zhejiang Province. With an academic atmosphere, the lab has hosted and participated in several provincial or municipal scientific research programs, achieved fruitful academic results (papers published on SCI, national medical magazines, etc.), and jointly written 6 medicine monographs. To provide top-ranking service for the patients with hematologic diseases, we have always been maintaining close contacts with hematological peers at home and abroad, keeping pace with the time, and unceasingly improving professional skills.


4. Contact us

Laboratory Director: Yang Jun-junChen Hui

Telephone: 0577-88002010







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