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The lab of clinical biochemistry covers clinical biochemical detection, teaching and scientific research. 12 members in our laboratory include 4 senior title staff, 2 masters, and 1 master tutor. Two of them are practicing physicians. The lab provides over 90 items of clinical biochemical detection, which are crucial for disease diagnosis, observation of curative effect, judgment of prognosis and health check. Apart from this, a variety of clinical drug trails are also conducted in the lab.

2Techniques and Features

There are a wide range of advanced equipment in the lab, including automatic biochemistry and immune assembly line of Beckman Company, aptio automatic biochemistry and immune assembly line from Siemens Company, automatic analyzer of glycosylated hemoglobin and Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, etc., which help ensure the automatization, informationalization and standardization of the examination process as well as satisfy increasing testing demands from clinical doctors. Currently, we are home to technical platforms for liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, endocrine disease, and a set of particularly designed equipment to examine children's growth and development.

The lab of clinical biochemistry has a high quality assessment system. Periodically, we launch examination comparison systems to guarantee the comparability of results. Every year our lab takes part in external quality assessments arranged by the Ministry of Health and the Clinical Laboratory Center of Zhejiang province and we have archived excellent results. In particular, the application of reporting system for panic values wins valuable time for rescuing patients. Our lab has pioneered the reviewing reports at designated intervals, which shortens the turn around time (TAT) of samples and wins favorable feedback from patients. Our staff members attach great importance to advanced techniques, managerial skills and quality services so as to assist clinical departments in an enthusiastic and responsible manner. The lab maintains close ties with clinical doctors, and provides accurate reports for clinical departments.

3Teaching and Research

The lab of clinical biochemistry undertakes the task of teaching clinical biochemistry in Wenzhou Medical University and creates practice opportunities for students from Wenzhou Medical University, Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine and Shaoxing University, etc. At the same time, the lab trains recruited graduates every year.


Recently, an increasing number of scientific researches are conducted in the lab, with the research areas covering methodology assessment, the relation between the channel of calcium ion with high blood pressure and metabolic diseases and their pathogenesis. These include 2 approved provincial level research projects and 10 bureau-level projects. With these researches, we have won the Second Provincial-level Prize of Scientific Endeavor and the Third Civic-level Prize of Scientific Progress. In recent 5 years, over 10 academic papers have been published in core journals and our staffs have either edited or jointly edited 8 programming textbooks for senior medical colleges.

4Contact us

Lab Director: Ding Hongxiang; Ni Li

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