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The lab of clinical immunology, founded in 1988, is one of the earliest established departments of laboratory medicine. The lab is now well-equipped and specialized in clinical immunological detection, teaching and scientific research. The lab has 13 staff members, among whom 3 have senior titles and 2 have intermediate titles. More than 120 clinical items are examined in the lab, so as to provide effective detection of indicators for clinical disease diagnosis, prognosis, physical detection and the observation of clinical curative effect.


2Techniques and Features

The clinical immunology lab has an advanced detection technology and a variety of first-class equipment, including imported chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers, automatic immunoturbidimetry analyzers, Tecan automatic enzyme immunoassay analyzers, protein blotting analyzers, fluorescence microscopes, etc.


The lab offers a wide range of examination items, such as tumor markers, autoantibodies, infectious disease antibodies, neonatal disease screening, acute phase proteins and early renal injury markers, etc. These items laid a diagnostic and therapeutical foundation for infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, tumor diseases, etc.


Moreover, the lab has achieved outstanding results in annual external quality assessments held by the Ministry of Health and the Clinical Laboratory Center of Zhejiang province. The patient-oriented and quality-centered principle requires all the staff members to devote wholeheartedly to patients and the clinic.


3Teaching and Research

The head of the lab is one of the commissioners of the Clinical Immunology Technology Professional Committee of Zhejiang province. The lab undertakes the task of clinical and medical immunology training in Wenzhou Medical University. Furthermore, it is responsible for providing clinical practice opportunities for medical students from different colleges as well.


The lab has developed profoundly in the recent ten years. The staff members have constantly taken part in the national and provincial further education programs. At the meantime, the teaching tasks have been completed successfully. Over 10 scientific research projects have been conducted. More than 10 academic papers have been published in all kinds of core journals and 3 medical books have been edited by the lab.


4Contact us

Lab Director: Huaikai Wen, Hongqun Tao

Telephone: 0577-88002011, 0577-88002017



109 Xueyuan Western Road, Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Province, P.R.China 325027

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