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Clinical Basic Lab is a comprehensive lab including clinical detection, teaching and scientific research. The lab is composed of 61 staff members. There are 8 senior positions, 1 doctor, 9 masters and 1 master student supervisor. Our lab boasts more than 200 items, which serve the need for clinical diagnosis, therapy observation and prognosis judgment. Many medicinal clinical trials are conducted in our lab.


2Techniques and Features

There are various advanced equipment in our lab, such as automatic hematology assembly line, urinalysis assembly line, automatic coagulation analyzer, emergency dry-biochemistry analyzer, immunological analyzer and blood gas analyzer, which ensure the automated, informationalized and standardized process of examination. We focus on the application of the hematology analyzer and the urinalysis analyzer, especially on pathopoiesis mechanism of hereditary coagulation factors deficiency and platelet functional defect.


Our lab has a set of complete quality management system to ensure reliability and comparability of results. We not only ensure Internal Quality Control (IQC), but also actively participate in the External Quality Control (EQC) of Ministry of Public Health and Clinical-Lab Center. Our high-level techniques, good service, facilitated communication and a sense of responsibility are the foundation to generate accurate and reliable results.


3Teaching and Research

The disciplines our lab offer for undergraduates include clinical foundation examination, clinical blood transfusion, clinical parasitology and clinical hematology examination. We not only take teaching task covering clinical practicers in Wenzhou Medical University, Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine and Shaoxing University, but also carry out the enrollment and training task for post-graduate students.


In recent five years, about 50 research papers have been published in various magazines, and 10 in national medical magazines. Some of them have won prizes of outstanding natural science thesis in Wenzhou City. Besides, 20 scientific research projects have received grants, 2 of which are at provincial level and 10 at civic level. Apart from this, our lab has written three books.


4Contact us

Lab DirectorXiaojian Chen,  Baoqing Li


Emailcxj@wzhealth.comXiaojian Chen, lbq9497@163.comBaoqing Li




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