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Department of Neonatology

The Department of Neonatology, Yuying Children’s Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University has grown tremendously since its official establishment in 1988. As one of the key departments of the hospital, the Department of Neonatology has made a great many achievements in neonatal care, medical education, as well as research in both clinical and basic biomedical science related to neonatology. By working closely with the colleagues from the Department of Obstetrics, we have been offering service for all kinds of high-risk deliveries and subsequent neonatal care in our level-3 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). It developed into the first Perinatal Center of Zhejiang Province in 2002, and our perinatology was selected to be the Key Medical Discipline of Zhejiang Province in 2004.  


Thanks to the active neonatal transport program, our regional referral neonatal care center now covers the entire Southern Zhejiang Province and Northern Fujian Province with a total population of about 20 million. The NICU boasts over 2000m2 of designated patient care space with a total of 100 beds and over 3000 annual discharges, including about 600 very critically ill babies. Our NICU is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and equipment to provide a variety of services to our patients, some of which were among the first to be introduced into practice in Zhejiang Province. They were pioneering even in China. The cares we are able to offer include all kinds of respiratory cares including the latest modes of mechanical ventilations and high frequent ventilations, pulmonary surfactant therapy, nitric oxide therapy, parenteral and enteral nutrition, selective head cooling for hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, and peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) placement for prolonged intravenous access. We are richly experienced in taking care of babies with extremely low birth weight. The smallest baby ever survived in our NICU was a baby weighing only 670 grams with a gestational age of 26-weeks. We also provide peri-operative care for critical neonates with congenital heart diseases or other congenital anomalies needing surgery. Our pediatric neurosurgeons and we were the first in the country to perform cerebrospinal reservoir placement procedure for neonatal patients with hydrocephalus. We have also built up an active neonatal follow up program since 2011. Undoubtedly, we are among the best NICUs in China.


Besides clinical service, we are engaged in a variety of clinical and basic scientific research. The research majors in hypoxic ischemic brain injury, gastrointestinal diseases (necrotizing enterocolitis), lung development and perinatal toxicology of environment, etc. There were and are 20 research projects with funding from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Health Service Department of Zhejiang Province, the Provincial and Wenzhou City Science Committees respectively. There are over 150 research papers published in international as well as domestic medical journals, including 10 SCI papers. Dr.Lin Zhenlang’s original article Mild hypothermia via selective head cooling as neuroprotective therapy in term neonates with perinatal asphyxia: an experience from a single neonatal intensive care unit published in Journal of Perinatology (2006) was cited by 38 papers. Our faculty members have been involved in numerous multi-center clinical trials and neonatal textbooks writing. The translation works Neonatal Emergency Medicine edited in chief by Dr. Lin Zhenlang is going to be published soon. In addition, we host annual perinatal civil or international conference to promote clinical and research development of this field.


Our department has been authorized by the State Council to provide Master/Doctor Degree programs, guiding many graduates from Wenzhou Medical College. Besides, we take in domestic and oversea students as well as exchange students for clinical skill training and internship rotation,


The department staff is enthusiastic in providing social service and promoting science popularization. We offer free clinics to patients in the community or rural poor every year, and founded free nursing care school for parents, which attracted about 1000 participants continuously. Furthermore, our department, collaborating with local media, sponsored programs for patients last year, which helped a great number of patients. A volunteer team from our department is dedicated to instructing rural hospital staff to fulfill neonatal resuscitation program, and to enhance their clinical knowledge and skills.


There are in total 24 physicians in our department: 4 professors, 3 associate professors, 6 instructors, of which 1 is doctoral supervisor, 2 are Master tutors. Dr. Lin zhenlang, the director of the department is the member of National Neonatology Council. Profound relationships with overseas medical institutions have been established: some of our faculty members have been trained in the United States, Japan and Canada. Among them, Dr. Jing Lin, an United States board certified neonatologist and assistant professor of pediatrics of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York is our consultant. Dr. Sidhartha Tan, a professor of pediatrics from Westnorth University in USA and Dr. Chen Chao, a professor of pediatrics of Fu-Dan University affiliated Children’s Hospital serve as our clinical consultants and visiting professors. We make joint efforts to make a greater contribution to the development of pediatrics and the improvement of local and global children’s health.








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