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Department of Pediatric Pulmonology

The Pediatric Respiratory Medicine Discipline was founded in the late 1970s. After 40 years’ continuous exploration, our discipline has successfully established a development way with its own characteristics. Our discipline has made outstanding achievements in fields of pathogenesis and management of asthma in childhood, the relationship between viral pneumonia and asthma, the relationship between pediatric respiratory infections and the immune system, the clinical and basic research of sleep disorder and respiratory function in childhood. The results won several provincial scientific and technological advancement awards and vigorously promoted the standardized treatment for pediatric respiratory diseases in ZhejiangProvince and even the whole country. In 1995, after approved by the Health Department of Zhejiang Province, our discipline was designated as the Pediatric Respiratory Disease Treatment and Research Center of Zhejiang Province. In 1997, Pediatric Discipline (Respiratory Medicine) was listed as one of the first group of medical key discipline in ZhejiangProvince. In 2011, our discipline was selected by the Health Department of Zhejiang Province as one of the first batch of medical key supporting discipline. In November 2011, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance issued the list of national key clinical specialties and our discipline was one of them.  This was the first time in our city that a discipline was selected as one the national key clinical specialties.


Currently, Pediatric Respiratory Medicine Department is comprised of pediatric respiratory diseases ward, out-patient clinics, nebulization center, respiratory immunotherapy center, respiratory clinical laboratory, lung function room and bronchoscopy room. It has many subspecialties, including pediatric asthma and allergic diseases, respiratory infectious disease, sleep-disordered breathing and pediatric pulmonary tuberculosis. In recent years, our department successively carried out a series of new technologies and new programs, which greatly improved our clinic diagnose and treatment ability. In April 2001, we started bronchoscopy program,and in April 2003, etiology diagnosis for pediatric viral airway infection was started. In April 2005,standardized therapy for pediatric asthma and allergic rhinitis was started and the Asthma and AllergicDiseaseImmunotherapyCenterwas established, which was the only immunotherapy center inZhejiangProvincecertified by Chinese Standardized Desensitization Center IOAP In 2007, pediatric polysomnography technology was applied.


Currently, our department has more than 100, 000 out-patient visits and more than 3000 in-patients discharged from the ward annually. The number of patients receiving bronchoscopy, lung function test and immunotherapy increases year by year. All of the nurse staffs always do their best to provide nursing care with the “patient-centered” aim. They successively standardize their work procedures, strictly implement the rules and regulations, effectively strengthen basic nursing and life care, improve working attitude, advance nursing quality and continuously improve communication ability to provide high quality, safe and satisfying nursing care. Their work wins high praise and recognition from the parents of the sick children. Our ward was one of the first batch of two-star level excellent nursing wards of the hospital, and was awarded as the advanced excellent nursing unit of ZhejiangProvince.


Our staffs have carried out a series of basic and clinical research and have got fruitful results in fields of asthma, sleeping disorder and infectious diseases. We successively hosted 7 projects sponsored by National Natural Science Fund,8 projects from Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Fund, 3 projects from Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department and 66 projects sponsored by other funds. We have won 2 Zhejiang Provincial Scientific and Technological Award second prizes, 4 Zhejiang Provincial Scientific and Technological Award second prizes, and 26 other provincial or municipal Scientific and Technological Awards. More than 500 papers have been published in journals with different levels, including 15 SCI papers and 99 published in Chinese journal series.


Annually, our discipline recruits about 20 doctoral and master students, accomplishes 150 hours theory course class teaching task for overseas students and undergraduates, 330 hours practice teaching and 150 student’s internship teaching. Our discipline participated in editing teaching material “PEDIATRICS” published by both People's Medical Publishing House and Science Press, hosted 8 teaching researching projects which was funded by Education Department of Zhejiang Province, China Association of Higher Education and Wenzhou Medical University, and had more than 10 teaching researching paper published. The training courses “advances of diagnosis and treatment for diseases in childhood” and “advances of pediatric respiratory and allergic diseases” were designated as National Continuous Medical Education Program, and  had nationwide influence.


As one of the first batch of master’s degree granting specialty approved by the State Council, Pediatric Respiratory Medicine Discipline has cultivated many pediatric medical experts who enjoy  high reputation both at home and abroad. Some outstanding representatives include Prof. Shen Xiaoming, vice mayor of ShanghaiCity, Prof. Zhaowei fromUniversityofVirginia USAand Prof. Lin Jin from Mount Sinai School of Medicine USA.


Now,  our discipline has 3 staffs with doctoral degree,  22 with master degree, 17 with senior titles, 1 Ph.D. supervisors, 10 supervisors of postgraduate program, 1 domestic visiting professor, 2 provincial visiting professors, 1 Zhejiang provincial university young and middle-aged principle leader, 4 supported by “151 Talent Project” of Zhejiang Province, 8 supported by “551 Talent Project” of Wenzhou City. The establishment of the talent team lays a solid foundation for sustainable development of our discipline.


“Breathing every moment, caring every day.” After finishing heavy daily medical work, our discipline also pays lots of attention to community service and science popularization. “Wenzhouhome of asthma”, a public awareness program with the theme of knowledge promotion of prevention and treatment for asthma, has lasted for 15 years and had more than 4,000 participants. Our discipline also undertook many programs of 551 talent “help workers and help peasants”,Wenzhou. In order to carry out activities of these programs, our staff went deep into mountainous area and islands of Dongtou , Yongjia  and TaishunCounties. Thees programs were well welcomed by the primary level medical staffs and civilians. Recently, we have carried out 10 public welfare training courses named as “spring song”, which was designed for community medical care providers from communities of different counties ofWenzhoucity. The training courses were highly praised by the leaders from the Zhejiang Medical Association and  Science and Technology Association of Wenzhou . Our staffs also have had about 20 popular science lectures in different places, published about 30 popular science papers in different medias in Wenzhou city, participated nearly 50 heath programs or web consultation and organized or participated in over 30 free medical consultation clinics. In year 2011, Pediatric Respiratory Medicine Department won the honorary title “Youth Civilization” ofWenzhou. One after another staff member won honorary titles such as “advanced communist party member fighting for advance and excellence”, “Teacher’s Ethics Model of Wenzhou”, Wenzhou “famous person talking about health” competitor and “good science paper writer of Wenzhou”.


Four decades of adventure full of wind and rain, Pediatric  Respiratory Medicine Department has achieved innovation and self-transcendence after continuous revolution. By strengthening discipline construction, our department ensured its sustainable development and domestic status. Honors come in a continuous stream, which means spur as well as encourage. Looking into the future, we should work hard to make a greater contribution to our country’s pediatric health.



Pediatric Allergy Specialty

Pediatric Allergy Specialty belongs to National Key Clinical Specialty of Ministry of Health and Medical Supporting Discipline of Zhejiang Province —Department of Pediatric Pulmonology, The Second Affiliated Hospital &Yuying Children’s Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University. The specialty is the deputy head of InstituteofAllergyof Zhejiang Medical Association. Meanwhile, it is also a team leader unit of pediatric asthma cooperative group ofZhejiangProvince.


Areas of interest of the specialty focus on bronchial asthma, rhinitis, food allergy, eczema etc. Meanwhile, the specialty pays attention to rare diseases such as immunodeficiency diseases, allergic pulmonary aspergillosis, recurrent refractory wheezing, and so on. The specialty has breath therapeutic room and immunotherapy center. At present, the specialty masters the following technologies including routine allergen monitoring, pulmonary ventilation function, impulse oscillometry lung function, bronchial provocation test, fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) measurement, anapnotherapy, immunotherapy etc.


The specialty undertakes 5 projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation and 6 projects funded by the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province. The specialty publishes book “fundamental and clinical research of pediatric bronchial asthma” (People's Medical Publishing House). Furthermore, the specialty wins a second-class scientific and technological award ofZhejiangProvinceand three third-class scientific and technological awards ofZhejiangProvince. The members of the specialty publishes 5 papers in SCI journals as the first author or corresponding author. Menawhile, more than 30 papers are published in the journals of Chinese Medical Association.   


The specialty has always persisted in organizing National Continuing Education Programs “Advance in diagnosis and treatment of pediatric respiratory disease and pediatric allergic diseases”. The specialty has comprehensively generalized standardized treatment technologies for allergic diseases including pediatric asthma in many national medical institutions. In April 2005, standardized therapy for Asthma andAllergicDiseaseImmunotherapyCenterwas established, which was the only immunotherapy center inZhejiangprovince certified byChineseStandardizedDesensitizationCenter. In Sep 2008, the specialty is certified by the standardized desensitization centre ofChina. Only 8 hospitals in the nationwide and one unit inZhejiangprovice owns the certificate.


Pediatric Asthma Subspecialty

Asthma is the most common chronic disease in childhood. It is NOW estimated that as many as 300 million people of all age, and all ethnic backgrounds, suffer from asthma throughout the world. Asthma can lead to massive morbidity and mortality. The number of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) lost due to asthma worldwide has been estimated to be currently about 15 million per year. Worldwide, asthma accounts for around 1% of all DALYs lost, which reflects the high prevalence and severity of asthma. The number of DALYs lost due to asthma is similar to that for diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, or schizophrenia. It is estimated that asthma accounts for about 1 in every 250 deaths worldwide. Asthma has become more common in both children and adults around the world in recent decades. The increase in the prevalence of asthma has been associated with an increase in atopic sensitization, and is paralleled by similar increases in other allergic disorders such as eczema and rhinitis. The prevalence rate of asthma varies from 3% to 20% worldwide. There is likely to be a marked increase over the next two decades especially in childhood. According a national survey conducted in year 2010, the morbidity rate of pediatric asthma in china was 3%, which was twice as that 10 years ago.


Asthma is a global public health problem. Firstly, it can lead to sleep disorder, emergency visit, absence from school and limitation of activity. Secondly, asthma can affect the growth of lung function, the defect of lung function during early stage of life can last till preschool age or even to adult period. Recently, although a lot of studied have been done in order to have a deeper understanding of the disease and improve the therapeutic and manage protocol, there are still a number of problems remain unclear.


The staffs in our department have dedicated in doing a series of researches targeting pediatric respiratory diseases including the relationship between bronchiolitis and asthma, mechanisms of the development of asthma, relationship between pediatric sleep disorder and asthma, the therapeutic effect and mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine and the prophylaxis and management. All the results of those studies were of national advantage.


Meanwhile, the staffs of our subspecialty have been devoting itself to standardized therapy and treatment for asthma in childhood. We had set up specific asthma documents for around 10,000 pediatric asthmatics and follow up them regularly. We also focused on and involved in social service and science-popularization promotion. We have been holding a public welfare project “The asthma family of WenzhouCity” thrice a year for more than 10 years. The total participator of the project is estimated to be more than 3000.


The Pediatric Pulmonology Department was founded in the late 1970s, and was designated by state council as one the first group of institutes to provide master degree program. After 40 years of Continuous Exploration, the department has successfully established a development way with its own characteristics. In November 2011, the ministry of health and ministry of finance issued the list of National key clinical specialties and our department was one of them. This was the first time in our city that a discipline was selected as one of the National key clinical specialties. In order to provide better and more specific healthcare for and families suffer from asthma, in early 2014, we newly set this subspecialty-pediatric asthma. And currently, the subspecialty serves as the member unit of national pediatric asthma group and the leader unit ofZhejiangprovince pediatric asthma group. The setup of pediatric asthma subspecialty is aimed to improve our ability and capacity of management and follow-up and provide better healthcare.




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