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Department of Ophthalmology


The Department of Ophthalmology was built in 1981, which is one of the earliest established departments of hospitals. After 30 years’ development, it has become a strong diagnosis and treatment eye center, with advanced medical technology, medical equipments and powerful scientific research capability.


Clinical services in this department include an outpatient service, an inpatient service, myopic laser treatment, optometry service, special inspection service, and pediatric ophthalmology. Free cataract operation is provided in the department for Wenzhou citizens. This department commits a friendly environment for patients to access a quality eye care services with easily reachable outpatient services and 40 observation beds. Currently, this department serves more than 200 outpatients a day, and more than 2,000 inpatients every years, alone with more than 3,000 operations a year.


The Department of ophthalmology has equipped state-of-the-art instruments, such as myopia excimer laser treatment, anterior segment laser treatment instrument, retinal laser treatment instrument, ultrasonic emulsification cataract therapeutic apparatus, vitrectomy instrument. Some new treatments in eye care that are being used at the Second Affiliated Hospital & Yuying Children’s Hospital include: small conventional phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation, complex vitreoretinal operation, various types of glaucoma operation, corneal transplantation surgery, strabismus operation, orbital surgery, lacrimal related operation and other kinds of surgeries. Treatments of cataract, glaucoma, corneal diseases, ocular fundus disease, orbital disease and ocular tumor, ocular plastic surgery, strabismus and amblyopia, ocular trauma, myopia, and many others are regularly practiced in this department. Some of these treatments are provided to our pediatric patients as well.


This department also provides medical education for our med students and a variety of lectures are giving every year, those are basic ophthalmology (to medical students), general ophthalmology (to residents), and ophthalmology fellows’ training including subspecialties in ophthalmology. Continuing education is also provided for practiced ophthalmogists in the region and around the country. This department also has several vision science programs in the country, with extensive support from two National Natural Science Projects and 30 provincial and municipal projects, with focus on research of pathogenesis of PVR, digital model of cornea, epidemiology and genetics of high myopia, artificial vitreous, and etiology of ROP. Several research articles were published on the recognized journals. For example, “Migration of retinal pigment epithelium cells is regulated by protein kinase Cα in vitro was published on IOVS, “Three-dimensional model for human anterior corneal surface” and “Anterior corneal asphericity calculated by the tangential radius of curvature” were collected by Journal of Biomedical Optics , “Evaluation of 5-fluorouracil released from a foldable capsular vitreous body in vitro and in vivo” and “Evaluation of myopic corneal diameter with the Orbscan II Topography System” were listed on Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol, “Association of Lumican Gene Polymorphism with High Myopia: A Meta-Analysis” on Optom Vis Sci and “TGFB1 as a Susceptibility Gene for High Myopia: A Replication Study With New Findings” were published on Arch Ophthalmol.


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